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8190 SAICOS Ersatztuch Wischwiesel SAICOS Replacement Cloth for Telescopic Wiper
Is suitable for: SAICOS care wax SAICOS wiping care oil Ecoline MultiTop Lack Polish
Content 1 PCE
€15.30 *
8189 SAICOS Teleskop-Wischwiesel SAICOS Telescopic Wiper
extendable telescopic handle (1.05 - 1.85 m) Saicos telescopic wiper with special cloth. Is suitable for: SAICOS care wax SAICOS wiping care oil Ecoline MultiTop Lack Polish
Content 1 PCE
€42.36 *
Schleifschwamm P60 grob Sanding sponge
120 x 95 x 11 mm Suitable for wet and dry sanding. Fits perfectly to the abrasive. These panels are suitable to process color, fillers and paintwork. The sanding of surfaces, surfaces and profiles, wood pulp of coatings, sanding of paint...
Content 1 PCE
€1.80 *
Nachfüllpack für Roll- & Streichset 2 Universal Roller small 100 mm
Set of 2 Microfiber rollers. For all thin-liquid coatings. Size: 100 mm
Content 2 PCE (€2.97 * / 1 PCE)
€5.94 *
SAICOS Reinigungsbürste für Holzterrassen SAICOS Cleaning brush for wooden terraces
Terraces are exposed to external weather conditions all year round and thus change their surface. They turn gray and become dirty. To prolong the life of wooden decking, regular cleaning is essential. Advantages: For cleaning wooden...
Content 1 PCE
€9.00 *
SAICOS Brush Cleaner 5100 – benzene free SAICOS Brush Cleaner – benzene free 1L
» cleans tools used with SAICOS wood finishes and other oil or synthetic paints » disaromatized » removes gently wood resin » also usable as thinner Product characteristics SAICOS Brush Cleaner is a professional cleaner for oil /...
Content 1 Liter
€11.88 *
Parkett-Rollset FLOOR ROLLER SET
Special set for treating floors. For optimal application of Osmo Hardwax-Oil. Optimal floor finish – microfibre roller holds a large amount of product and distributes evenly. Multiple-use tray due to tray inserts – very economical....
Content 1 Set
€38.76 *
Roll- & Streichset Easy Paint ROLLER & BRUSH SET EASY PAINT
Optimally equipped for any painting project. Suitable for all Osmo finishes on natural, sawn wood. Ideal for treating larger areas.
Content 1 Set
€24.60 *
SAICOS Oil/Wax-Roller SAICOS Oil/Wax-Roller
For the application of SAICOS oil products. Size: 250 mm
Content 1 PCE
€18.00 *
SAICOS Farbwanne „klein“ SAICOS Paint Tray small
Small paint tray, for use with the SAICOS products. Size: 15 x 30 cm Tray Inserts can be ordered separately in 5-piece sets.
Content 1 PCE
€2.94 *
SAICOS Flat Brush SAICOS Flat Brush
For oil & water systems. Sizes: 30 mm 50 mm 60 mm 100 mm
Content 1 PCE
From €3.54 *
tray insert small 5 disposable tray inserts small
5 inserts
Content 5 PCE (€1.32 * / 1 PCE)
€6.60 *
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